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Art Impressions Watering Can

Good Wednesday morning.  I have another Art Impressions to share with you today and it has lots and lots of purple.  I had to laugh as I was working on this project because I heard Julie say on her Hello Monday Live that purple was her least favorite color.  It’s one of my favorites but I think I may have gotten a little carried away with it on my floral scene,

KC Art Impressions Watering Can 1 right

I placed my watercolor paper in my Mini MISTI and set the stamp in place.  Then I applied Hickory Smoke and Chipped Sapphire to the watering can using Distress markers and stamped the image.  I used a small brush to pull the ink out of the lines to shade the watering can.  I cut a mask and cover the can so I could protect it while I stamped the foliage and flowers.

KC Art Impressions Watering Can 1 center

I used a Chipped Sapphire, Wilted Violet and Mowed Lawn Distress markers to apply ink to the flowers and foliage.  I tried to follow along with the picture on the front of the Watering Can package but I just carried away.  I kept adding and adding until I knew I had added too much.  So to try and solve the problem…..I added some more.   LOL!  Do any of you have this problem with your projects?   I lightly touched all the flowers and foliage with a damp brush to soften the images.  I removed the mask and stamped some foliage to appear flowing down over the can and stamped the grass image around the ground area.  I just wasn’t satisfied with all that green grass so I added some soft purple flowers all around and sent my project even further over the top.  What can I say!  I’m a more is more kind of girl! 

KC Art Impressions Watering Can 1 left

I would like to invite  you to join me in the CLASSroom for my Bench Scene and step by step tutorial.

KC Art Impressions right

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ellen ai

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Bucket of Flowers and Art Impressions Sale

Good Tuesday morning.  Do you love Art Impressions watercolor scene sets as much as I do.  I had fun trying my hand creating a bucket full of flowers using the Watercolor Containers Set, Watercolor Flower Set and Watercolor Foliage Set.  My flowers and foliage got a little too mixed up and messy but I thought it was still good enough to share.

KC Art Impression Containers 1 right

I stamped the bucket on cold pressed watercolor paper and stamped again on Eclipse masking tape using a Hickory Smoke marker.  I applied Hickory Smoke and Rusty Hinge ink on an acrylic block to use as a palette and mixed the inks with water and then painted the bucket.  Sadly I got the bucket a little too dark with the rust color but Ki just kept going.  I cut out the mask and placed it over the bucket to protect it.  I applied Mowed Lawn ink on the foliage stamp and stamped it two or three times each time I inked it up to create darker and lighter foliage.  I repeated the same steps using Worn Lipstick and Picked Raspberry inks using a flower image.  I removed the mask, masked off the top of the flower and foliage portion of the arrangement and inked up the foliage stamp and stamped down over the bucket to create a more natural appearance. I used Mowed Lawn to multi stamp the grass around the bucket.  When I was finished with the scene I took used a damp brush to lightly touch on the grass, flowers and foliage to soften the images.  I thought everything looked a little too plain so I sponged in some yellow around the flowers but sadly got a little too heavy handed with it. 

I created a frame using the My Favorite Things Pierced Square Frames and attached it over top of the scene using mounting tape.  I attached a green piece of cardstock behind the scene layer using ATG adhesive and then attached it to the card base using mounting tape.

KC Art Impression Containerst 1 left

I love Art Impressions watercolor sets and hope that as I use them I can become more accomplished.  Now is a great time for you to check them out as Ellen Hutson is holding a 15% off sale this week.

ellen ai

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Card size:  5.00” square


Art Impression Old Barn

Good Saturday morning.  I have been trying to get up the nerve to try and play with the Art Impressions Old Barn Mini Set and today’s Splitcoaststampers Inspiration Challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to put my big girl panties on and take the leap.  The Moleskine Pinterest page provided so much inspiration with lots and lots of watercolor artwork.  I also used the Art Impressions Watercolor Flower Set and Watercolor Foliage Set.  You can watch a wonderful video tutorial by Bonnie Krebs to see the steps to create the barn scene.  I learned a couple things while trying to accomplish making this a pretty scene.  I got way to heavy handed with my colors and need to back off a little.  I also learned that I need toi stop myself much earlier in the completion of my scene. I kept adding touches here and there that weren’t really necessary and made my scene look to heavy.

KC Art Impression Old Barn Mini Set 1 left

I watched Bonnie’s video and then followed the step by step instructions provided on the back page of the packaging. 

 Old Barn Instructions

I used several Memento markers to apply ink directly on the stamps and also applied ink on an acrylic block and used it for my palette.  I used a tiny brush to work on the images to pull the color out into the open spaces of the images. I used a larger brush to fill in the sky area around the trees and along the ground area.

KC Art Impression Old Barn Mini Set 1 center

I used My Favorite Things Pierced Rectangle Frames and Stitched Rectangle Scallop Frames for create a double matted frame for my scene.

KC Art Impression Old Barn Mini Set 1 right

On the whole I like how this turned out especially for my first attempt.  I will do it again soon and use lighter colors and a lighter touch to create my scene.

Thanks for coming by today and I hope you are enjoying your weekend. 

Card size:  5.50” x 4.25”


Watercolor Arbor

Good Tuesday morning.  I have another watercolor project to share with you today that had so many boo boos I almost didn’t finish it.  I have tried making the Art Impressions Watercolor Series Set 7 Arbor scene three or four times in the past and end up tossing in my circular file.  I had so much fun working on the bucket of flowers project that I wanted to give the arbor another try.  I followed the step by step tutorial that comes with the set but had a couple mishaps that totally destroyed the scene.  My grapes got washed a little too much with my waterbrush and spread out all across the arbor.  I used the masking fluid to mask off where the pink flowers were to go but ended up messing those up as well.  It kills me to get as far into a project as I did with this one and to toss it.  I decided to see if I could cover up my mistakes again with die cut and punched images.  Here’s what I came up with.

KC Art Impressions Watercolor Arbor 1 right

I stamped the arbor using Hickory Smoke ink and lightly washed the lines to soften.  I used masking fluid to mask off lots of round flower spots that were to appear growing up the right side of the arbor.  While that dried I applied the light wash of green around the side and top of the arbor.  I painted in the water and sky area using Broken China reinker.  I stamped all the foliage around the arbor with Peeled Paint reinker and then used my brush to soften the images.  I removed all the masking off the spots for the flowers and drew them in using my Worn Lipstick marker.  I stamped the small flowers Wilted Violets and grassy section Peeled Paint around the foot of the arbor and lightly softened them with my damp brush. The grapes were stamped using Wilted Violet and this is where everything started going down hill.  LOL!  I didn’t get enough of the water off my brush and when I began touching the grapes to soften and the violet ink spread over the arbor in a very ugly way.  Shoot!  I had the paper in my hand to throw in the trash but I just couldn’t do it.  I decided to try salvaging the project by covering up the grape mess with 1/8’ punched circles that were rounded with my tiny stylus and molding pad.  Each little grape was attached with rolled up mini glue dots.  Yes!  It felt like there were millions of grapes as I painstakingly rolled up each glue dot.  LOL!  

KC Art Impressions Watercolor Arbor 1 center

As I looked at the whole scene it looked strange to have the dimensional grapes and everything else on the scene flat.  I decided to add die cut and punched flowers over top of the stamped flowers.  I formed them using my stylus and molding pad and attached with glossy accents. I added tiny white centers to the flowers using a tiny brush and white gesso.  When I had all the flowers attached I knew I was going to have to add some die cut vines to the scene.  I attached the frame over the scene using mounting tape.  I added die cut foliage by tucking it under the frame and attaching with glossy accents. I added a few more pink flowers to the foliage to carry them across the top of the scene.

KC Art Impressions Watercolor Arbor 1 left

I certainly don’t think this is what Bonnie Krebs of Art Impressions was thinking when she created this wonderful set.  I am bound and determined to complete this whole scene using watercolor techniques only.  I will have to set it aside for a couple of weeks and get over the stress of messing this one up so bad.  LOL! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.

Card size”  5.50” x 4.25”

Watercolor Bucket and Flowers

Good Monday morning.  I have a watercolor project to share with you that ended up with some die cuts as well.  I used the Art Impressions Watercolor Containers, Watercolor Flower Set, Watercolor Foliage Set and paired them with the Impression Obsession  Foliage set, tiny flowers from the Elizabeth Craft Designs Garden Edges Hyacinth and framed with the My Favorite Things Pierced Square Frames.  I must say that this whole card started out going in one direction and due to a comedy of errors ended up totally different.

KC Art Impressions Watercolor Containers 1 left

I started stamping the bucket on watercolor paper using Hickory Smoke ink and then lightly filled in using the same ink and my waterbrush.  The I finished it by adding touches of Rusty Hinge ink to age the bucket.  I stamped the bucket again on removable labeling tape, cut it out and used it as a mask.  I covered the bucket with the mask and stamped foliage and flowers using Peeled Paint and Worn Lipstick inks to fill the bucket with a large arrangement.  I lightly touched the foliage and flowers with my waterbrush to soften the ink.  I used a grass image and flower image and stamped the ground area using Peeled Paint and Wilted Violet. I used the waterbrush to soft the flowers and fill in the grass area. I ended up not being pleased with my flower arrangement in the bucket so I cut out the bucket and grass and flowers around it.  I cut another piece of watercolor paper, lined up the bucket on the paper, marked it with a pencil and then proceeded to recreate the flower arrangement.  I soften the arrangement with the waterbrush and really like this arrangement better.  I stamped more grass and flowers on the second piece of watercolor paper so that it would fill in around the bucket.  I sponged Tumbled Glass ink in the sky area. I applied ATG adhesive to the bucket/grass layer and attached it to the second piece of watercolor paper and making sure to get it lined up perfectly.

KC Art Impressions Watercolor Containers 1 center

Once I got the bucket grass layer attached over the second layer I didn’t feel satisfied with how it looked.  Maybe because I am obsessed with dimension.  LOL!  The bucket looked a little odd popped up more than the flowers in the arrangement.  So cut some foliage pieces with green cardstock but colored them over with a Peeled Paint marker to make them as green as the stamped grass and foliage.  I tucked the small pieces of foliage in behind the bucket and attached with glossy accents.  I knew I had to add some kind of flower to match the stamped flowers in the background so I got out Susan’s Garden Edges Hyacinth set and used the tiny multi flower die to cut pink flowers.  I formed them with a mini stylus and molding pad and attached them to the foliage with glossy accents.  Well….now that I had dimension in the flower arrangement I knew I had to add some tiny purple flowers to the ground area to balance out the scene. 

KC Art Impressions Watercolor Containers 1 close

Here’s a closer view of the scene from the side.  You can see the cut lines on the bucket but it’s really hard to see the cut line of the front grass area.  I applied mounting tape to the back of the frame and attached it over the scene.


KC Art Impressions Watercolor Containers 1 right

Thanks for coming by today and I hope you have a great Monday to  begin your week. 

Card size:  5” Square